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The Ester K. Mimms Foundation

The Ester K. Mimms Foundation (EKM) is dedicated to supporting and empowering entrepreneurs of color to create the change they wish to see in the world. Through our educational programs and partnerships with national corporations and nonprofits, EKM is harnessing the power of the next generation to change the way we work, collaborate, and grow.

Who is Ester K. Mimms?

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The EKM Foundation strives to create an equitable economy and workforce by connecting entrepreneurs of color with the necessary professional resources, funding, and mentorship to attain leadership roles and excel in business ownership. 



The Ester K. Mimms Foundation is a nonprofit organization that empowers and supports entrepreneurs of color as they navigate personal and professional barriers to create meaningful lives and impactful work. Our mission is to join their purpose with sustainable careers and/or businesses.