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Companies who actively spearhead diversity and inclusion strategies are 35% more likely to achieve above-average returns – with business performance increased by 31%. These number are driven directly by the increased innovation and productivity that comes with supported, motivated employees. From entry-level to management & beyond, FIT for DEI corporate consulting services and educational programs empower you to nurture the wealth of talent and potential within your organization!


DEI Consulting

SGI guides organizations on how to support and empower their underserved employees to become drivers of innovation. Our DEI consulting programs empower companies to nurture the wealth of talent and potential within their own organizations.

Learning & Development

SGI educational programs work with executive leadership, management and associate-level employees to first create buy-in for DEI initiatives. We then partner directly with each level of your organization to guide employees on how to meaningfully engage with DEI programs.

Executive Coaching

SGI works directly with executives and managers to create new paradigms for leadership within your organization. From best practices to guided instruction, we increase support, deepen connections, and develop cultural fluency for managers, executives, the c-suite beyond!