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A Ms. Olympian over the age of 50, Sheryl has unlocked foundational secrets to help any CEO, executive, or entrepreneur to master new areas of their life and career. FITness is much more than just physical fitness, it's about creating the MENTAL breakthroughs necessary for success, increasing your mental toughness, energy, and productivity!  

 What does it mean to be   FIT?  


 FAITH  is like FRAME of your ship. Like a sculptor who has to see their finished work within a simple block of granite, you have to be able to clearly envision & articulate what your end goal looks like and hone your ability to see yourself being 100% successful even in situations where others would be discouraged.


 INTUITION  is the COMPASS of your ship; Your ability to make the right real time decisions based on your internal navigation system, differentiating between your automated programmed responses and your internal source. What Dr. Wayne Dyer referred to as “Trusting Your Inner Self”


 TENACITY  is the ENGINE of your ship. It's the ability to automatically push through any obstacle that is in your way.  It's the part of the system that I used to change 20+ years of SAYING that I wanted my dreams into the action and perseverance necessary to BUILD my vision.

 Our  FIT  Programs 

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LIVE 60-day FIT Experience

SGE prides itself on uplifting women and individuals of color who are changing the game in career, life and entrepreneurship! That is why the SGE team has create the SGE FIT Live Interview Series, a FREE live series from Sheryl Grant which is designed to spotlight individuals LIKE YOU, and inspire people everywhere to find their own Faith, Intuition, and Tenacity! Register below to claim your seat, or watch on Facebook Live!

In partnership with the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce and our network of corporate partners leaders, community advocates and dynamic entrepreneurs / small business owners, Sheryl Grant Enterprises is proud to present Move Forward: An Entrepreneurial Survival Series;  a series of Live Move Forward Workshops and in-depth Master Classes, designed to connect entrepreneurs and small business owners directly with the resources necessary to make their businesses thrive.

Join our 60 Day FIT Experience to get all of the tools necessary to get IT, harnessing yourFaith, Intuition and Tenacity to overcome any goal in 60 days or less!


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