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A Ms. Olympian over the age of 50, Sheryl has unlocked foundational secrets to help any CEO, executive, or entrepreneur to master new areas of their life and career. FITness is much more than just physical fitness, it's about creating the MENTAL breakthroughs necessary for success, increasing your mental toughness, energy, and productivity!  


FIT Online

Webinar Series


Get FIT on the go!

Join our 4 part webinar series,

where I teach:

- HOW to get and stay FIT at any age!

- How to create and sustain networks to propel your vision

- Q&A with Sheryl  & her network of Experts

- & More! 

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FIT for Business

LIVE 60-day FIT Program

Book a 1-on-1 Session

with Sheryl!


Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Sheryl

Meal / Nutrition Plan

Workout Plan

Weekly Support / Group Check-Ins

FIT Online Classes

Access to the Kinect Dots Network


In-person workout sessions / nutrition planning with my personal trainer!

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For You 

- Do you have a personal barrier that you want to overcome but don't know where to start?

- Need help identifying or communicating your goals?

- Do you want to learn how to grow your network?

For Your Business

- Do you want to grow your business or increase sales?

- Are you having trouble finding resources to support your business?

- Want to bring more visibility to your business but don't know where to start?


3 Part Webinar (reg. $200)


60-day Program

1-on-1 Power Strategy Session



6-month Executive 1-on-1 Program

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One on one Executive Coaching 

to get you where you need to go!

$ /mo

6-month Executive Program