Paying a Positive Price

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Every morning, I begin my day with prayer and meditation. I gain so much peace by starting my day with understanding and direction. There are many challenges before me and that will never change. What must remain consistent is the way in which I think about each endeavor before me. The positivity I carry is not by mistake, it is in fact intentional. I have the power to dictate what happens next based on my frame of mind and outlook on the situation. Many suffer today due to a lack of positivity.

People mumble and complain about what they may be lacking, but I dare you to look at your hands. I dare you to breathe in and out. If you had the ability to do that, you have the ability to conquer and go higher. Don’t allow the missing pieces to distract you from the future ahead of you.Your positivity is the key to manifesting the future you desire.

There is life and death in the power of the tongue. Your words and thoughts have power. Positivity is all about speaking and thinking. Without a shadow of a doubt, this method has moved mountains for me. It may seem impossible to be positive all the time, but do it anyway. Move the mountains.

It takes practice, determination, and hard work to speak life over your existence, but honor your internal GPS. When negative Nancy comes knocking, leave her at the door. Sometimes you just need to move forward to protect yourself. Despite what people say, everyone around you does not mean you well and that’s okay. Ultimately, you are in control of what you internalize and you must pay a positive price.

Love always,

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