The Glass Door

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Working in corporate America has made me question my identity as a Black woman many times. Will I be allowed to pitch my ideas? Are they staring at my hair? Will any of this make sense to them? When will I receive the proper credit? I stood there wondering and waiting for a sense of satisfaction and pride. When will it come?

The truth is, I felt invisible. The ideas of my white counterparts seemed to get escalated up much quicker, and my ideas were tossed around amongst low level managers first. What was I doing wrong here? After all, my ideas were credible and blew their ideas out of the water. But every time promotion evaluations came around, I was passed over or underpaid. What’s wrong with this picture? Suddenly, it hit me. Don’t fight for limitations, fight for dreams.

There is nothing new under the sun. Oftentimes, we are waiting for an approval that was never scheduled to take place. Give yourself permission to reinvent processes and systems that allow you to shine without the approval of others. If an idea has been dropped or stolen, that must mean it’s time for you to create something better.

Be victorious and wish your opponent well because there is and will only ever be one you. Operating in lack and comparison will knock you off. The goal is for you to be you and create a winning and stellar balance. You are already a unique design. The best way to stand out is to do you and do not replicate. Ownership and destiny will meet you at the door.

Love always,

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