Beyond the Glass Ceiling

What do you do after years of being a top performer in Corporate America repeatedly watching opportunities being held from you? “Why?” you ask. You work harder and notice the pattern repeat. You look at yourself and ask, “What can I change?” You improve what you can and still you keep hitting the glass ceiling. Then you look at the part of you that you cannot change such as gender and skin color. You begin to realize that you are playing in a game where the rules are against you. You tried so hard to fit into a system that was designed to exclude you. You recognize the old saying, “Doing the same thing to try to get different results is stupidity”. You struggle with this feeling of stupidity and begin your process.

For Sheryl Grant this process began in 2006 when her mentor, Les Brown, told her to jump. Sheryl was standing on the high pillar of making a six-figure income with two sons in private school in an “ideal” marriage living the life we were taught to be “making it”. To “jump” felt like leaping to death – as we are taught to believe throughout all our schooling and socialization. We are programmed into believing that our purpose in life is to get the education, to have the job; to get married and have the children; and then we are “there”. (Did we ever ask, “Where is that?”) We are conditioned into believing this consumerism pinnacle is heaven. The programming is hitting our brains in masses of waves through TV shows, music, billboards, magazines, best friends, churches, family, social media and nearly everywhere outside of nature.

Did Sheryl immediately jump? Would you? “My reality said I did not have permission to live my best life. I was told I had to keep the family secure and I had to sacrifice me,” Sheryl recalls. She pressed on till she hit a wall. A wiser Sheryl today informs us, “You have to hit a wall to fall down and get up and find your truth.”

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Article by Suna Senman

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