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Reflection & Meditation: Keep on Dreaming

The world is full of chaos and commotion, but that's not going to stop us from accomplishing our goals and striving for the life we want! You were born with gifts and talents you haven't even realized yet. Don't let other people put restraints on your potential. Scroll down to read "Keep On Dreaming," a poem by Zy Warren.

Keep On Dreaming

Squeeze your dreams tight when you sleep.

Don't let them float away,

because the world finds joy in stealing them.

Thieves, how they make you believe

that you aren't worthy of executing all those bright ideas your mind conceives.

Don't let them rob you of your purpose,

you offer much more than what they can see on the surface,

and your unlimited potential is what really scares them.

So don't you let those people rob you!

Lock your doors at night,

before you turn off your bedroom light,

and dream all those pretty dreams you know to be right.


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