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What is FIT?

A strong mind forms the foundation for success and gives you the keys to open doors that once seemed immovable. Your mindset is what sets the stage for everything that you do – from your personal relationships to your very perception of self, the things that you conjure in your mind ultimately determine your reality.

On your journey to getting FIT, your FAITH is like the frame of your ship. The frame provides structure and protection on your journey, and allows you to trust in your ability to travel to your north star. Like a strong ship, faith provides you with a solid foundation that will keep you safe while you pursue your purpose. When you have Faith, your vision isn’t defined by difficult circumstances or the doubts of others, but rather by the strong belief that your vision will come to reality.

Your INTUITION acts like your compass, allowing you to always find your true north. Many times the most difficult part of creating change is knowing where to start and where to go afterwards. With so many distractions in the world, it becomes easy to stray from your path, investing yourself in things that do not ultimately serve your purpose. Like a compass, Intuition allows you to understand the forces around you that often push or pull you towards one decision or another. A strong intuition allows you to interpret those forces and choose only the path that serves your true purpose.

A ship with a compass and no sail is like a Ferrari with no engine; it may look beautiful, and be interesting to talk about, but it ultimately can’t take you where you want to go. TENACITY is your sail–your engine– and allows you to overcome obstacles and move forward even when the water is rough. Your tenacity comes into play in times of self-doubt or hardship, eliminating negative thoughts and propelling you to the next phase of your journey.

When you learn how to get FIT (believe in yourself, trust your intuition and move forward with tenacity and without compromise), you can achieve the unimaginable!

To learn more about how to get FIT, be sure to check out the FIT for Life Course at


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