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Women's History Month Part 1: As You Are

The SGE team wanted to kick off Women’s History Month with a poem written by one of our team members, Zy Warren. This poem is a reminder that you are responsible for your own happiness and to encourage you to be confident in who you are.

As You Are

They say...

Be strong girl

But don't be too aggressive

Don't express your feelings too much

But be sure to listen to others and be receptive

Carry the weight of everyone's problems on your back like you don't have baggage of your own

Things that you're left to unpack in a dark room all alone

And when the world needs you it's your job to come through

But girl, do I have some things to tell you

I say..

Find your light and do whatever it takes to keep it shining

You'll fall down plenty of times along the way,

But make it your purpose to keep on climbing.

You aren't responsible for anyone's happiness but yourself.

Focus on your Faith, Intuition, Tenacity and most importantly your health.

Cause you only get one life, and now's the time to live it up

If it's not bringing you joy, say your farewell and give it up

Don't let anyone tell you, how you should be

If there's one thing I had to pick being great at,

I know for a fact I'm great at just being me

Happy Women's History Month!

-The SGE Team


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