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Women's History Month Part 2: Body Positivity

Do you often find yourself idolizing other people’s features or body shapes and wish you looked the way they did? If you do, get out of that mindset. There is only one you! You were born with the sheer advantage of being unique. You have to hone in on what makes you special and quit focusing on what body type, skin tone, or overall look is trendy for the moment.

There was a time where curvy women were not seen as attractive as petite women. Now, curvy body types are in style and women are having confidence issues because they don’t fit into society’s standards. Don’t become a victim of this never ending rollercoaster!

We have so many more important issues we could be tackling, yet we constantly have to keep having conversations regarding physical features because the world doesn’t want to allow Black women to be beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Between the media harassing Black women if we are not short, have long hair, and a lighter skin complexion to the corporate world trying to make us assimilate to their toxic culture, we have no place where we can just be ourselves. That’s why we have to create space within our community to admire all the little things that make up who we are.

We should stand with pride in our melanin everyday and love every coil on our heads down to every imperfection on our bodies! The world will never fully appreciate us, but we owe it to one another to keep uplifting each other.


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