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The Queen Boss Series was born from our years of work here at Sheryl Grant International: listening to, having dialogue with, and better understanding the experiences of Women in the Oakland Bay Area, Silicon Valley and others across the US & internationally. What we found was that Women--in astounding numbers across the nation--are deciding to lay down their positions in Corporate America, deciding to venture out into the world of small businesses and entrepreneurship. In larger numbers than ever before, Women are engaging in work on their own terms, and repurposing their talents to create impactful change through social enterprise. 
#QueenBoss is part of our response to what we've learned through our research. Through our Kinectdots Network and in partnership with Bay Area entrepreneurs and business leaders alike, we are developing the Queen boss series to creating a collaborative and truly accessible space for women to share insight, receive mentorship from leading executives and business owners in Silicon Valley, and to celebrate the revolutionary work of Women in the US and beyond!


Sydel Curry


A Curry Girl

lasandra hunt.jpeg

Lasandra Hunt

VP, Comm. Banking


ronna green and rare touch.jpeg

Ronna Green


Rare Touch II


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