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We help you develop the Faith, Intuition and Tenacity necessary to break through any barrier in business, career and LIFE! After winning the Ms. Olympia International Fitness Competition at the age of 55, Sheryl realized that her journey to physical transformation created a mental transformation as well. Since then Sheryl has left her 30-year Silicon Valley career to develop the award-winning FIT methodology to help you succeed overcome any barrier on your path to success.

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Find Your FAITH

Part I: FAITH - The Frame:

Faith focuses on clearing your VISION


  • How to define your vision, and clearly articulate your concrete destination

  • How to clear out the things obstructing your vision that you may not even realize are there

  • How to define what you will do and won’t do to create your vision​​

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Trust Your Intuition

Part II: INTUITION - The Compass:

Intuition is understanding your VALUES.


  • How to identify your values & shift them into alignment with your vision

  • How to begin communicating your values

  • Steps to building dynamic networks or “communities” based on those values

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Build Your Tenacity

Part III: TENACITY - The Sail:

Tenacity covers the mechanics of making & SUSTAINING the change


  • How to focus on your “why”

  • Understanding success as a numbers game

  • Maintaining healthy networks & to propel you towards your vision

FIT for the Future

The FIT for the Future Residency Program is a mentorship program by SGI designed to help Gen Z and Millennial professionals and entrepreneurs get FIT, learn valuable skills, and Kinect the Dots on their journey to their dream business or career!


SGI guides organizations on how to support and empower their underserved employees to become drivers of innovation. Our DEI consulting programs empower companies to nurture the wealth of talent and potential within their own organizations.

EKM Foundation

The Ester K. Mimms Foundation (EKM) is dedicated to supporting and empowering underrepresented individuals to create the change they wish to see in the world through access to leading entrepreneurial educational programs & strategic partnerships with national corporations, capital investment sources and foundations.

FIT Live!

Tthe FIT Live Interview Serie is a FREE live series from SGI designed to spotlight the unique journeys of entrepreneurs and individuals LIKE YOU and inspire people everywhere to find their own Faith, Intuition, and Tenacity!


FIT Challenges

We believe that FITness is about taking action toward creating a healthy mind, body and spirit. That's why the SGE team has created FIT challenges! FIT Challenges combine curated content and interactive lessons to create a self-paced, on-the-go experience!


FIT Experiences

FIT Experiences are hybrid events (live / livestream) focused on bringing our global network of brands, speakers and experts to life, allowing you to ask questions, gain valuable insight for personal & professional growth, and experience their craft in an immersive LIVE experience!

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