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We help you develop the Faith, Intuition and Tenacity necessary to break through any barrier in business, career and LIFE! After winning the Ms. Olympia International Fitness Competition at the age of 55, Sheryl realized that her journey to physical transformation created a mental transformation as well. Since then Sheryl has left her 30-year Silicon Valley career to develop the award-winning FIT methodology to help you succeed overcome any barrier on your path to success.

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Find Your FAITH

Part I: FAITH - The Frame:

Faith focuses on clearing your VISION


  • How to define your vision, and clearly articulate your concrete destination

  • How to clear out the things obstructing your vision that you may not even realize are there

  • How to define what you will do and won’t do to create your vision​​

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Trust Your Intuition

Part II: INTUITION - The Compass:

Intuition is understanding your VALUES.


  • How to identify your values & shift them into alignment with your vision

  • How to begin communicating your values

  • Steps to building dynamic networks or “communities” based on those values

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Build Your Tenacity

Part III: TENACITY - The Sail:

Tenacity covers the mechanics of making & SUSTAINING the change


  • How to focus on your “why”

  • Understanding success as a numbers game

  • Maintaining healthy networks & to propel you towards your vision


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At the FIT for Life Retreat, Sheryl will teach you how to get over the “should”, shed your excuses, identify your dreams and help you create a roadmap to reach them.

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