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The FIT for the Future program is a mentorship program by FIT for Life designed to help the next generation of professionals and entrepreneurs mentally FIT at any age, learn valuable skills, and Kinect the Dots on their journey to their dream business or career! We offer participants FREE access to our FIT for Life programs, direct access our network of experts & mentors in addition to 1-on-1 time with Experts from our network to help Residents grow their business or develop their dream career!

FIT for the Future is powered by the FIT Scholarship and our generous network of donors and supporters.

Phase 1: Getting FIT

First, Residents get FREE access. to the FIT for Life Platform to clearly define their goals, and develop a roadmap to begin building their vision.

Phase 2: Kinecting the Dots

We the 'Kinect' Residents directly with our network of experts to build their support system (their "dream team") that will help propel them towards their vision.

Phase 3: Taking the Leap

Last, Residents will build and present their realized vision to directly our network of corporate, nonprofit and private partners.

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Find Your FAITH

Part I: FAITH - The Frame:

Faith focuses on clearing your VISION


  • How to define your vision, and clearly articulate your concrete destination

  • How to clear out the things obstructing your vision that you may not even realize are there

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Trust Your Intuition

Part II: INTUITION - The Compass:

Intuition is understanding your VALUES.


  • How to identify your values & shift them into alignment with your vision

  • How to define what you will do and won’t do to create your vision​​

  • How to begin communicating your values

  • Steps to building dynamic networks or “communities” based on those values

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Build Your Tenacity

Part III: TENACITY - The Sail:

Tenacity covers the mechanics of making & SUSTAINING the change


  • How to focus on your “why”

  • Understanding success as a numbers game

  • Building & maintaining healthy networks & to propel you towards your vision

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