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Welcome to Sheryl Grant Enterprises

Sheryl Grant International was established in 2006, focusing on supporting underrepresented Women individuals, entrepreneurs, and innovators. For 15 years, we’ve worked with large corporations, family offices, nonprofits, and individuals facilitating social impact programs for Women & girls, and consulting on diversity & workforce development initiatives nationwide. SGI is comprised of social enterprises focused on empowering individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals of color with access to digital mentorship, professional resources and funding necessary to thrive. SGI companies include FIT for Business, Kinectdots and The EKM Foundation.

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Who is Sheryl Grant?

Sheryl Grant is a mentor, speaker, networking specialist, business development consultant and the Founder and CEO of Sheryl Grant International (SGI) , a company focused on transformation from the inside out through its flagship product, FIT for Business. In addition to 30 years as an Executive in Silicon Valley specializing in Sales & Strategic Partnerships (generating more than 500 million dollars for fortune 100 companies), Sheryl currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce, who raised more than $1 Million to support Black Businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most recently she served as the Executive Director of the Global Women's Leadership Network (Now 'How Women Lead'), that brought 20 women social entrepreneurs from 19 countries to Silicon Valley for annual leadership, networking, & entrepreneurship training and to secure funding from Bay Area investors and VCs.


Our Mission

To solidify a framework that connects the dots between underrepresented women and girls and provide them with the necessary low risk funding, quality community/ professional resources and engaging digital mentorship to become confident in using their voices to break down systems of separation by constructing systems of partnerships and collaborations.


Our Vision

Our vision is to rewrite the narrative surrounding what makes a successful person (especially of color).  A truly abundant life isn't just about wealth, it is about being F.I.T. (Faith, Intuition, and Tenacity) for what you want, from the inside out.  We aim to inspire and empower over 50 million women via our social media, live events, and media relations in 2019 and our proprietary programs designed to help individuals and entrepreneurs alike, break through perceived barriers and reimagine how they see and pursue “success”.   

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