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FIT-N-10 Challenge!

  • 30Days
  • 36Steps

About This Program

What could you achieve if you were FIT? Join Sheryl Grant as she guides you through the 10 day 'FIT-N-10' Challenge! Sign up today for guided video sessions with Sheryl and to join the thousands of people who have already taken the first step to FITness in mind, body & life!   * Guided Video Exercises featuring Sheryl * Daily FIT Exercise Plan * Daily FIT Meal Plan * Shopping Guide * Access to our private FIT Facebook Community * Get FIT anywhere! NO GYM NEEDED! * Over $200 Value!
 The question is: When are you going to invest in YOU? FIT-N-10 Benefits: 1. Fast & Effective: The FIT-N-10 Challenge is built for your busy lifestyle! Our program is only 10 days and workouts are fast, effective and between 30 and 45 minutes! 2. Guided Exercises: We give you guided examples for all of your workouts. Every move can be modified to your personal level of fitness! 3. Nutrition Plan & Meal Guide: Get ready to create real results with our staggered meal plan strategy, complete with a shopping guide, meal plan, supplement guide and daily workouts.

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FIT Community

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