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  The Power of  Storytelling 

SGI prides itself on uplifting women and individuals of color who are changing the game in career, life and entrepreneurship! We feel that by sharing the stories of inspiring women, entrepreneurs & more, we can encourage others to step out to do the same! That is why the SGE team has created the FIT Live Interview Series, a FREE live series from SGI designed to spotlight the unique journeys of entrepreneurs and individuals LIKE YOU and inspire people everywhere to find their own Faith, Intuition, and Tenacity! Register below to claim your seat, or watch on Facebook Live and YouTube!

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RSVP for our upcoming FREE FIT Live shows featuring the dynamic stories from our network of leading Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Community Titans from around the globe!

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    Thu, Sep 23
    Live Digital Event!
    Sep 23, 5:00 PM PDT
    Live Digital Event!
    Join us every Thursday for FIT LIVE! RSVP today to hear the dynamic stories of inspiring women, entrepreneurs & more!

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