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Become a FIT Ambassador Today!

Our FIT Ambassadors play a pivotal role as we set out to impact 50 Million individuals around globe, helping them to get FIT for their goals and 'Kinect' the dots on their journey to success! As an ambassador, you have the opportunity to earn CASH while helping others learn what it means to get FIT for Life!

Instant Access

Approved FIT Ambassadors get FREE access to the FIT for Life platform

Share FIT for Life

Share the gift of FIT with a unique discount code to offer to your network

Refer & Earn

For every person that uses your unique code, you will receive a CASH bonus! (Rules Apply)

LIVE Calls

FIT Ambassadors get access to an exclusive weekly LIVE call with Sheryl!

  • Who is Sheryl Grant?
    Sheryl is a speaker, mentor and fitness champion at the age of 60. After winning her first Ms. Olympia International Fitness Competition at the age of 55, Sheryl realized that her journey to physical transformation created a mental transformation as well. Since then Sheryl has jumped off of the corporate ladder, leaving her 30-year Silicon Valley career to develop the award-winning FIT methodology (Faith, Intuition & Tenacity) to help you overcome any barrier on your path to success! Now she's on a mission to win her second Ms. Olympia title at age 60 and help 50 million people get FIT for Life in the process! To learn more about Sheryl, visit
  • What does it mean to be 'FIT'?
    Being FIT is more than physical. It also requires a mental strength and forms the foundation for transformation. Being FIT means having Faith, Intuition & Tenacity and acts as a guide to help us fulfill our potential! On your journey to getting FIT, your faith is like the frame of your ship. The frame provides structure and protection on your journey, and allows you to trust in your ability to travel to your north star. Your intuition acts like your compass, allowing you to always find your true north. Like a compass, Intuition allows you to understand the forces around you that often push or pull you towards one decision or another. A strong intuition allows you to interpret those forces and choose only the path that serves your true purpose. Tenacity is your sail, and allows you to overcome obstacles and move forward even when the water is rough. Your tenacity comes into play in times of self-doubt or hardship, eliminating negative thoughts and propelling you to the next phase of your journey. Being FIT isn't a temporary fix, it is a profound mental shift that will open doors to success in business, career, life and beyond!
  • What is FIT for Life?
    FIT for Life is a revolutionary all-in-one personal development tool focused on helping you to get mentally FIT AND ‘Kinect’ the dots to success in your business, career and LIFE! After winning the Ms. Olympia International Fitness Competition at the age of 55, Sheryl realized that her journey to physical transformation created a mental transformation as well. Since then Sheryl has jumped off of the corporate ladder, leaving her 30-year Silicon Valley career to develop the award-winning FIT methodology and FIT for Life platform to help individuals overcome any barrier on their path to success. FIT Pass-Holders get access to the award-winning FIT for Life Course for breaking mental barriers and a library of self-paced courses and challenges from our network of experts. But the platform doesn’t stop there. To help members ‘Kinect” the dots on the journey to success, each member gets exclusive access to LIVE weekly coaching sessions with Sheryl and her personal, curated network of fitness coaches, nutritionists, career coaches, branding experts and more to help you on their journey to personal and professional FITness! Join today at
  • How do I Join the FIT Platform?
    Step 1: To join the FIT platform, first visit and select "start my FREE trial Step 2: Select "Start your FREE trial" once more to begin the signup process. Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions Step 4: Once your registration is complete, you'll automatically be taken to the FIT Members Only page where you can access all of the resources on the FIT platform in one convenient place! BONUS: When time permits, come back and explore all the things you can access to continue to challenge yourself and build upon your journey to creating and living a FIT Lifestyle. We constantly add new content, courses, and live sessions to deepen your learning experience!
  • What is included with my FIT Kinect Pass?
    FIT Kinect Pass-holders get : Access to the FIT for Life Digital Course ($500+ Value) Instant Access to the award-winning FIT for Life Course with Sheryl Grant Instant access to our entire library of Challenges and Courses Access to the FIT Blog with knowledge from Sheryl and her network of experts Access to over 40 hours of ‘FIT Live’ Content featuring our network of experts and business leaders. Access to the FIT Newsletter with resources to help you get FIT in business, career and life! Access to the Global FIT Community Support Group to help motivate you on your journey to FITness Access to LIVE weekly ‘FIT Kinect’ coaching sessions hosted by Sheryl and her personal curated network of leading experts ($3,000 value) Instant access to replays from previous live Coaching Sessions on-demand ($300 Value) Access to monthly LIVE FIT Coaching Calls with Sheryl ($3,000 value) Discounts on FIT merch, events and our network of brand partners!
  • Where can I find FIT Courses & Challenges?
    FIT Courses & Challenges combine curated content and interactive lessons hosted by Sheryl and her network of experts to create a self-paced, on-the-go experience to get FIT anywhere! We also host LIVE Challenges & Masterclasses regularly, so be sure to check back often! to learn more visit Note: FIT Kinect Pass holders get FREE access to our entire library of courses. To start your FREE trial, visit!
  • What are 'FIT Kinect' Coaching Sessions?
    FIT Kinect Pass holders get exclusive access to 'FIT Kinect' LIVE Coaching Sessions! 'FIT Kinect' Sessions are LIVE group sessions featuring Sheryl and her curated network of FIT Coaches and Experts. In FIT Kinect Sessions you can ask questions, get insight and interact LIVE with Sheryl and her network of experts on your journey to FITness. From exercise to nutrition, mental health, career, life coaching and beyond, we have access to a global network of experts to help you reach your FIT goals, mind, body & life! Our 'FIT Kinect' Coaching Sessions are held weekly on the FIT platform. To view upcoming sessions, you must purchase a FIT Kinect Pass or start your FREE trial at!
  • Are there replays?
    FIT Pass holders get unlimited access to replays of previous 'FIT Kinect' sessions, webinars, content and FIT digital events as part of their membership!
  • Is there a FIT Community?
    All FIT Members get access to the FIT Online community where members can post media, progress and connect with our global FIT community! To view the FIT Community Group, visit
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    There are no hidden fees! FIT All-Access members get access to all features on the FIT platform with their subscription!
  • Where do I find the 'FIT Community' group?
    You can access the FIT Community support group by heading to the "FIT Community" section of your user dashboard.
  • How do I view / access my active subscriptions?
    You can access your membership / subscription details by heading to the "my subscriptions" section of your user dashboard
  • How do I manage which notifications I receive?
    You can manage which notifications that you receive by heading to the "settings" section of your member dashboard
  • Where can I view / edit details about my account?
    You can view / edit details about your account by heading to the "My Account" section of your user dashboard.
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