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In honor of Black History and in Partnership with Square, Inc. Sheryl Grant Enterprises is so excited to invite you to the ultimate entrepreneurial experience, providing resources and tools that educate, uplift, and empower women entrepreneurs in the Bay Area and beyond. This event will be delivered in three distinct parts:
1. A pre-event open market featuring Oakland's brightest small businesses
2. A panel discussion and community dialogue
3. an after hours in-person networking event with top executives and business leaders

move forward

an entrepreneurial experience

presented by square inc

MOve fOrward

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Hosted by
sheryl grant

Sheryl Grant helps executives, entrepreneurs, and ambitious women to achieve more! After winning Ms. Olympia over the age of 50, Sheryl realized transforming her body began with transforming her mind. She since has developed and launched a proprietary program FIT for Business' that helps leaders and get more out of their business, career, and life.

our guests


Lori Allen

Sr Director, HR


Lauren Jennings


Best Me Conference

Iman Bright

Product Manager

Square, Inc.

caheri gutierrez.jpeg

Caheri Gutierrez

Sr Director, HR

Square, Inc.

taylor jay.jpeg

Taylor Jay


Taylor Jay Fashion



our community is changing.

The city of Oakland is rapidly changing along with our country’s socio-political climate. These changes undoubtedly influence
members of the Oakland community, often leaving those who have called It a lifelong home -- our entrepreneurs, business women and other cornerstones of our community --disadvantaged. Through our work with corporations and community partners alike, Sheryl Grant International (SGI) aims to create a lasting paradigm shift between corporate systems and community welfare. We believe that as part of this community, it is our responsibility to build a sustainable environment that is inclusive of Oakland natives and transplants alike, with a focus on supporting women of color and other underrepresented individuals.

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