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The Ester K. Mimms Foundation (EKM) is dedicated to supporting and empowering women of color to create the change they wish to see in the world. Through access to leading entrepreneurial educational programs and strategic partnerships with national corporations, capital investment sources and foundations, EKM is fueling the power of the next generation to change the way we work, collaborate, and grow.

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Our Vision

A societal shift with an equitable economy and a diverse workforce, is only possible by connecting entrepreneurs of color with the necessary professional resources, funding, and mentorship to attain the leadership roles and excel in business ownership. 

Our Mission

To empower and support women of color as they navigate personal and professional barriers to create meaningful lives and impactful work. Our mission is to provide access to the developmental resources, relationships, and capital, regardless of their present social-economic position, and join their purpose with sustainable careers and/or businesses.  

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EKM 2x1 Program

The EKM 2x1 Program seeks to invigorate local Black Business Economies by funding valuable connections between local Black-owned businesses and Black service providers. Through our 2x1 Program, EKM purchases business development, sales and marketing service "vouchers" from local Black service providers (Up to $1,200). We then award Black Businesses with these service “vouchers”, connecting them with service providers based on their unique business needs. 


This program is provided to local Black-owned businesses and service providers at no cost to participants through the EKM Foundation and our generous donors.


To apply as a SERVICE PROVIDER for our 2x1 Program (we will purchase your services and connect you with potential clients) please give your info below!