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FIT for the Future Spotlight: Meet Black and Olive

Black and Olive is a small Black owned business that curates items from other minority owned businesses to include inside of their signature gift boxes. The boxes are exquisite, and encapsulates items based on the 5 love languages. Andress Stanley and Ebone Crayton are the two powerful Black women driving this company to success with their passion and determination to build a company that embodies racial equity, values different backgrounds, and recognizes unique perspectives.

How was Black and Olive created?

Ebone had gifted Andress a box for her birthday with different things that aligned with her two love languages, 'quality time' and 'acts of service.' Ebone had included items such as wine and a custom art piece she designed herself. Andress thought the box really captured all the types of things she loved. With that, the ladies thought it'd be a great idea to start a business that can give others that same experience. From there, Black and Olive was born.

Why is supporting Black/minority owned businesses important?

Black and Olive's goal is to give small businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19 a platform to sell their products on a larger scale. They also want to provide products for people of color that are made especially for us. Buying from a business that understands the needs and desires for their targeted customers is essential to the overall experience.

As a community, we should continue spending our money with Black and minority owned businesses. We have a huge amount of buying power but we often give our money to big corporations who don't respect us or our culture. These corporations are in the news every other month for saying or doing something racially offensive. Lets give our dollars to people who look like us and value our support!

How can we support Black and Olive?

Black and Olive does not currently have gift boxes for sale on their website, but they will be available very soon. Andress and Ebone are carefully planning their launch to make consumer experience the best yet. Until then, please follow these ladies on Instagram: @shopblackandolive and check back on their website to see when they launch


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