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Video: Dr. Wendy Suziki On How To Fight Dementia With Exercise

Dementia is a profound brain disease that gradually impairs thinking and memory, affecting daily functWatcioning. It impacts 36 million people globally, with about 10% developing it in their lifetime. However, research indicates that we can take active steps to prevent dementia by transforming our eating and exercise habits and engaging in mental training.

In my journey, I’ve learned that both aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises play a crucial role in not only building physical strength but also maintaining cognitive function. These exercises promote the secretion of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is essential for preventing hippocampal atrophy and preserving memory and thinking skills.

Given that physical conditions vary among individuals, it’s vital to personalize preventive measures. A combination of aerobic and resistance exercises has proven most effective in preventing the onset and progression of dementia. This holistic approach aligns with my FIT methodology—Faith, Intuition, and Tenacity—focusing on sustainable, long-term health transformations.

Let’s embrace a proactive stance on health, tailoring our exercise routines to our unique needs and fostering mental resilience through consistent physical activity. Our bodies and minds are powerful instruments of change, capable of achieving extraordinary results when nurtured with the right habits.

Watch the full interview below!


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