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Crazy in Love: A Beginner's Guide to Love (Part 4)

While February has come to a close, let us remember to love those closest to us while respecting boundaries. Since last month was a few days short, we will close out by explaining the last two types of love: affectionate love and obsessive love. Affectionate love is defined as having warm regard or a feeling of affection for someone. Obsessive love is when someone has an unhealthy attraction to another person, often leading them to become controlling and manipulative.

Elements of Affectionate Love

1. Use words of encouragement

Let your partner know you appreciate them. Everyone needs that little reminder from time to time that they’re valued. Make sure you’re giving people their flowers while they’re here because they won’t be able to admire them while they’re gone.

2. Practice being selfless

Do things because you care, not because they will benefit you in some way. You should think of others before yourself or giving to others without personal gain. Selflessness is simply about doing something nice for someone while taking yourself out of the equation.

3. Understand your partner’s love language

There are specific things your partner will positively respond to by understanding what they value most. So be attentive to what they enjoy and be sure it’s reciprocated.

Elements to avoid becoming an Obsessive Lover

1. Don’t be possessive and controlling

The last thing you want to be in a relationship is too controlling. You should respect your partner’s boundaries. Being a controlling partner could be a result of insecurity. So check yourself.

2. Give your partner space

You should not be dependent upon each other to be happy. If you cannot function properly without your partner near you all the time, something’s wrong. You need to be complete and whole by yourselves before you can fully commit to one another. Give each other space to just relax and think. Everyone needs a little time to themselves.

3. Take your time

Don’t rush through different stages of the relationship. Take your time to really get to know each other. It’s inevitable that your relationship will evolve over time.

This concludes our series of A Beginner's Guide to Love. Make sure you tune in next week as we officially kickoff Women's History Month!!


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