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A Note from Sheryl: Live life by your own definition!

What makes you come alive?

Doing things that you’re good at, but that you hate is not a pathway to fulfillment. Knowing your greatest strengths and where you can add the most value—through the application of your strengths, skills, knowledge and experience—can help you focus on the opportunities where you are most likely to succeed and therefore find the greatest sense of accomplishment and contribution.

The word inspire comes from the Latin “inspirare”, meaning “to breathe life into.” Accordingly when you are working toward things that inspire you, it literally makes you feel more alive. What makes you come alive isn’t referring to a material possession; It’s bigger than that! I’m talking about the kind of “why” that moves up the food chain from being about you to being about something much much bigger. It’s about connecting with what you’re passionate about, knowing that when you focus your attention on endeavors that put a fire in your belly, you grow your impact and influence in ways that nothing else can.


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