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Self Esteem vs Self Worth

Self-Esteem is what we think, feel, and believe about ourselves, which can change based on mood, circumstance, performance, or the approval of others. Self-worth, on the other hand, is the recognition that you are a valuable human being who is worthy of love no matter what the circumstance.

Think of self-worth and self-esteem like a flagpole and its flag. How the flag flies can change based on the wind: one day may have strong wind with no wind on the next. But no matter how the wind blows, the flagpole stands firmly, making sure the flag always is high and in full view. Like the flag, It’s natural for your self-esteem to change based on things that happen to you. But like the flagpole, your self-worth is there in both good and bad times, reminding you that you deserve to be appreciated no matter how your flag flies.

Many times we go through life measuring our value based only on other peoples’ perception of us. By doing this, we allow our self-esteem to dictate our self-worth. In reality, your self-worth is the value that you bring by simply being YOU. When you understand this fact, then on days when the outside world brings your self-esteem down, you always have your self-worth to keep you standing tall.

My question is, Do you believe that you’re worthy?

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