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Video: How TV Producer Shonda Rhimes Overcomes Burnout

In her powerful TED Talk, @ShondaRhimes shares a deeply personal story about losing her “hum” — the rhythm she feels when fully immersed in her work. As the creative genius behind “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Bridgerton,” Shonda’s tale is a vivid reminder that even the most accomplished among us can hit a wall. But the journey back to joy? It begins with learning to say yes to what truly matters.

Shonda’s experience resonates deeply with my journey of overcoming the ‘brick ceiling’ in corporate America and achieving transformation through the FIT (Faith, Intuition, Tenacity) Methodology. Like Shonda, I found my way back by redefining success and focusing on what fuels my spirit. Whether it’s sculpting a winning physique for Ms. Olympia or empowering others through FIT for Life, it all starts with a clear vision (Faith), trusting your inner guide (Intuition), and pushing through barriers (Tenacity).

Watch Shonda’s full TEDTalk below!


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